Hustle Stone Paper Planners

Forged in the artistic laneways of Melbourne, Hustle Stone Paper Planners were the creation of Glenn Hendriks and Kevin Garcia - two self-motivated entrepreneurs who want to inspire others to hustle and reach their full potential. Not only do they aim to inspire each owner of a new Hustle Planner with its content designed by experts, they also want to change the paper industry for future generations!

The introduction of Hustle: Stone Paper came to the world in 2016 with an explosion! We have had to grow our team to keep up with demand and the all the excitement around 'Stone Paper' - so, what is Stone Paper you ask..?? Please browse our website to become fully informed, we have even provided videos and definition from experts to give you the confidence that Stone Paper is a premium product compared to regular pulp paper and more importantly, better for our environment.

Stone Paper is made from Stone! Stone Paper is a natural product manufactured from calcium carbonate. The calcium carbonate is collected from waste material at existing limestone quarries and is ground up into a fine white chalk powder. Stone Paper is neither synthetic nor pulp or fibre based and uses significantly less energy to produce. Certifications confirm no chemical or minerals are present that are harmful to humans or the environment.

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